Ostendo Standalone Solutions

Ostendo Freeway is a mobility platform which can be used to run multiple standalone solutions for a variety of business requirements.

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Ostendo Freeway Standalone Solutions App

Ostendo Freeway Standalone Solutions

Ostendo Freeway is a mobility platform for recording data or sharing knowledge. Ostendo Freeway standalone solutions can be used to record data, fulfill compliance requirements, publish instructional Guides, Product Catalogues and more.

Ostendo Freeway can run any number of standalone solutions that are not integrated with the Ostendo Operations (ERP) system. A combination of Ostendo Operations (ERP) Solutions and Standalone solutions can be installed on the same device. 

There are two types of Standalone Solutions for Ostendo Freeway.

Public Standalone Solutions are predeveloped solutions available to any Freeway user free of charge. 

Private Standalone Solutions are designed and developed by Freeway Solution Partners for your specific requirements. These customised solutions require a unique code supplied by your Freeway Solution Partner before they can be loaded onto your Ostendo Freeway app.

Ostendo Work Cloud Repository

In the near future Ostendo Freeway will work with Ostendo Work, which is a cloud repository for storing data and tracking statistics yet to be released. Ostendo Work will be able to be used with Standalone Solutions developed for Ostendo Freeway.

Ostendo Freeway Accounting Solutions

In the near future Ostendo Freeway will also link with popular accounting programmes such as MYOB AccountRight Live, MYOB Essentials, Xero, Intuit QuickBooks and Reckon One. 

Ostendo Freeway Standalone Solution Development

Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions are leading Freeway Solution Partners. We can design and develop a standalone solution to meet your requirements. Contact us to discuss how Ostendo Freeway can be a solution for your requirements.

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