Coaching on Microsoft Outlook

Tap into the Power of Microsoft Outlook® with our Coaching to streamline and improve your business processes.

Ostendo and Outlook

Microsoft Outlook® is a powerful tool you can use to make running your business easier for you and your staff. You could send your staff to a standard training course with a pre-set lesson structure, but how relevant will the training be to your specifc requirements?

The Power of Microsoft Outlook® to Improve Business Processes

Would it be a beneficial improvement to your business processes to be able to; 

  • Send the same types of emails to individuals from time to time? for example:
    • Managing new customers
    • Credit applications
    • New product information
    • User instructions/procedures
  • Ability to share this information with your team to standardise what they send to people
    • Make it easy for the team to send what they need to
    • No holding up of sales or communication because people have to find what they need.
  • File emails, create tasks, and appointments from an incoming email automatically, or as you need
  • Use Tasks and Flags to remind you of things which need to be done (yes, they are different). You may need to share tasks with your staff/team and see where they are positioned with them
  • Send personally addressed emails to specific groups of people, or create letters, name tags, attendance lists, or SMS messages)
  • Create personalised proposals complete with sign offs and specific info with a mere few clicks of a button
  • Easily group, view and manage different types of contacts in one or more groups, with one mouse click if needed
  • Easily and quickly search your Inbox for emails based on any criteria. Narrow your search specifically to what you want
  • Create appointments without looking up dates. Easily manage and see different time zones from an incoming email from a contact
  • Create Custom Views of what you want to see in Contacts, Tasks or Calendar
  • Access the things you regularly do in Outlook with one-click, including external websites
  • Share Microsoft Outlook® information with your team, at different levels
  • Automatically flag, file and alert on specific types of new emails. Highlight particular emails, contacts or tasks automatically in a different font and colour.
  • Share an Outlook contact easily with someone externally, if you need to introduce people.
  • Export Outlook Information in virtually any format.
  • Save time by using shortcuts to access regular Microsoft Outlook® items.
  • Use synchronised information with your mobile device.

Microsoft Outlook® can do all of this – and more!

Our Microsoft Outlook® Coaching

Our coaching on Microsoft Outlook® revolves around it's key functions; 

  • Inbox / Communication: So much of our business communication revolves around emails these days. Your Inbox/Sent Items are critical.
  • Contacts / People: Without people to sell to you would not have a business. In addition to customers, you may also have staff, suppliers and other key contacts who are involved in your business.
  • Tasks / Next Actions: It’s all about managing the things we need to do in business.
  • Calendar / Appintments: Whether meeting with customers, suppliers, staff or anyone, online or face-to-face, you need to know what your movements and commitments are.

Microsoft Outlook is a trademark of Microsoft Inc registered in the US and other countries