Repstor ECM & Ostendo ERP

Our data exchange between Ostendo Operations (ERP) and Repstor (ECM) supports Quality Management and Compliance.

Ostendo Repstor Data Exchange by Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions

Data Exchange Between Ostendo and Repstor

Ostendo Operations (ERP) has in depth functionality for manufacturing, service and maintenance, sales and distribution, contracting and trades. These industries need controlled and secure content management for organising documents, emails, notes, tasks etc to support business processes, quality management and compliance.

Repstor uses Sharepoint in Office 365 to store content, but accesses and manages it through the familiar interface of Microsoft Outlook.

When records are created in Ostendo Operations (ERP) they automatically create a linked case record in Sharepoint that is accessed and managed through Repstor in Outlook.

These records created from Ostendo Operations (ERP) could relate to;

  • Products
  • Lot/Batch No's or Serial No's for Quality Management
  • Internal or Customer Assets
  • Employees for Compliance
  • Projects and Jobs
  • Customers and Suppliers for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Repstor Enterprise Content Management is available from B E Systems who operate in Australia and New Zealand. We work with B E Systems to implement the data exchange link with Ostendo Operations (ERP).

About Repstor Enterprise Content Management

Repstor is an enterprise content management system that accesses content in Sharepoint Office 365. Users access and manage content though Microsoft Outlook, which is an already familiar working environment for many users.

Repstor comprises three modules;

  • Repstor Affinity™ – The only truly native Outlook integrated ECM delivering both online and offline access to Sharepoint in Office 365.
  • Repstor Assist™ – A predictive filing engine that automatically suggests where content should be filed, helping users accurately file their email and document content.
  • Repstor Custodian™ – An intuitive Case management solution for SharePoint in Office 365 that is setup for your specific business requirements. It supports Quality Management and Compliance.

Repstor provides fast and accurate SharePoint filing that provides suggested locations based on existing filed content.

  • All filing activities to adhere to policy.
  • Filing of important Content to be completed earlier.
  • Content to be shared more consistently making audit and review easier.
  • Wider adoption of best practice filing.
  • Staff to have access to all of the information they need to complete tasks in the most effective manner.

Repstor extends the capabilities of SharePoint in Office 365 to help you easily create and manage case records. Our data exchange interface can automatically create these case records that can be used to store and access content. 

  • Flexible case templates for different case types to provide the structure required for each new case record.
  • Easy provisioning of new case records.
  • Configures the structure of each case, by mapping to SharePoint sites, lists and folders.
  • Adds custom content types, document templates and metadata to cases and cases folders.
  • Associates unique workflows with each type of case or document and targets different cases at different groups of users, and relevant parties.
  • Sets policy and retention for each case or case type.
  • Provides email management and filing assistance.

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