Solutions for Covid-19 Challenges

To overcome the challenges posed by Covid-19, businesses can utilise technology to manage their operations and improve their business performance.

Covid-19 and OstendoSolutions for Covid-19 Challenges with Ostendo

The New Normal

The world has been changed suddenly and dramatically by the Covid-19 pandemic and this has put enormous pressure on businesses to adapt to the challenges of the “new normal” they have been thrust into. Unfortunately, Covid-19 is here to stay and Australian and New Zealand businesses have to adapt to a world that is learning to live with Covid-19.

All of the world’s economies have been hit hard by the Covid-19 pandemic and now is the time for businesses to act to improve their systems and processes so they have the visibility to better manage their operations and meet the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Importance of an Integrated Information System

When the economy is hit hard, businesses need to reduce costs and improve efficiencies as much as possible. Never before has it been more important for businesses to have real time information at their fingertips to make timely decisions and respond quickly to changing conditions. 

An integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) business system can be used to collect data once and have it flow through the system where it is required. It acts as a single source of truth for real time up to date information and visibility for managing your business.

There is an initial cost in implementing the processes to use an ERP system effectively, but it will be repaid many times over as you use it to improve your business performance. The cost of not using an ERP system effectively may very well be higher than the cost of doing so.

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Decision Support

An integrated ERP system can provide you with up to date, real-time information and visibility to control your processes and make critical decisions quickly.

Accurate real-time information empowers you to streamline decision making and improve responsiveness. Visibility of the right information at the right time is necessary for making timely decisions, responding to changing conditions and maintaining a competitive advantage.

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Continuous Improvement

Becoming more efficient and reducing waste is the most effective way of reducing costs and increasing productivity. The Lean Thinking concept of Continuous Improvement is an approach to work that continuously and systematically seeks to identify opportunities for streamlining workflows to increase efficiency and productivity and reduce waste.

The steps businesses need to make to improve safety and hygiene in order to reduce the risk of workplace transmission of Covid-19 create challenges for efficiency and productivity.

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Supply Chain Management

Border restrictions, industry lockdowns and reduced international airfreight have severely disrupted global supply chains. The resulting shortages have disrupted industry. Ostendo Operations (ERP) can provide you with the visibility to help you procure the proper materials and supplies when required to avoid shortages and overstocking.

One of the effects of the disruption to the global supply chain may be that businesses turn to local suppliers and reduce their dependence on overseas suppliers. This could lead to a resurgence of manufacturing in Australia and New Zealand.

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Covid-19 Safe Work Practices and Compliance

Physical distancing and rigorous hygiene standards are set to be the norm in business for many years to come and this has changed the way businesses must operate in many ways. This presents challenges for productivity and efficiency. Businesses will also need to keep up compliance with government regulations and standards.

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Online Shopping and Contactless Delivery

With the drive to reduce physical contact, online shopping and contactless delivery have become a lot more popular. However it is essential that online sales are backed up by efficient processing of orders and warehouse mangement.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is essential that businesses refine and diversify their offerings to adapt to the situation and be ready to take up new opportunities. Experts are advising businesses not to cut costs on marketing but to spend on marketing to targeted audiences instead of spending on advertising. Never before has effective targeted marketing and customer relationship management been more important.

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