Ibis Improving Business Performance

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Ibis Improving Business Performance

We provide solutions to empower small to large businesses with the visibility and information to improve their business performance.

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Improving Business Performance

In ancient Egyptian mythology, the ibis was the symbol of the god of learning, wisdom and writing. Business Intelligence is a key component of our solution as it provides the information and visibility to empower you to improve business performance.

To have the information and visibility you need in order to continuously improve business performance, you need to capture the right data in a timely manner into one system that is a single source of truth. We provide services and systems to enable you to improve your business processes and capture the data you need to continuously improve.

We provide services to a diverse range of industry types and sizes, from small to large businesses.

Our Solution Oriented Approach

We do not sell software systems, we provide solutions to improve your business performance. We believe that software systems are only a solution if they can be used to solve problems, satisfy needs or achieve goals.

Our focus is not on the services and systems we provide, but on providing a solution for your business. We only regard our services and systems as Solutions if you can use them to solve problems, satisfy needs or achieve goals to improve your business performance.

We approach the implementation of ERP as a business process improvement project for your current business processes. Current processes are modified or replaced with improved processes based on the opportunities presented by the system and new requirements made possible by it. 

The initial cost of implementing our solutions will be repaid many times over as you use them to improve your business performance.

Lean Thinking

We endorse and advocate Lean principles and thinking. Three of our consultants have extensive experience in Lean and have held leadership roles in the implementation of Lean in the companies they were managers for.

We follow Lean principles and thinking in our business process improvement services and system implementations, but we are not Lean consultants.

Experienced Team

We have been implementing and supporting fully integrated ERP and complementary systems for small to large businesses since 2001. We specialise in Ostendo Operations (ERP) and Ostendo Freeway mobility and have been a leading Ostendo Consultant Partner since Ostendo Operations was first released in 2007.

We have a team of highly experienced consultants to help you establish the business and operational processes you need to use our systems to reduce inventory, increase capacity and utilisation, improve efficiency, gain accurate job costing, improve customer service and gain the visibility to make timely decisions.

Our consultants have practical experience over many years obtained from their work in manufacturing, distribution, contracting and construction businesses or accounting practices. All have had extensive prior experience in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems as project team leaders for the companies they worked for.

The majority of our consultants have held managerial positions in operations, production, procurement, supply chain, logistics, sales, quality assurance, project management, construction and senior accountant.

Mobile Team and Online Services

We do not operate within the traditional business structure of bricks-and-mortar offices where consultants come to the office to work.

We are a mobile team that is geographically dispersed who work from home offices, or at our client's sites, or on-the-road. We make extensive use of mobility and cloud technologies to collaborate with clients for support and project management, as well as to coordinate and communicate as a team.

Operate in Australia and New Zealand

Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions Pty Ltd is our Australian company which which provide services for our clients throughout all states of Australia. We have consultants based in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions Ltd is our New Zealand company which provide services for our clients throughout New Zealand. We have consultants based in Auckland and Christchurch.

Ibis in Australia and New Zealand