API & System Customisations

We can develop customised solutions to enhance your systems to help you improve your business performance.

Ostendo Operations ERP API

Customised Developments

We can develop a customised solution in Ostendo Operations (ERP) to meet your specific requirements. It can be simple or complex, ranging from a simple enhancement, to exchanging data with another system, to building a whole new module.

Ostendo API Integration

The Ostendo API Rest Service provides the facility for external third-party applications to integrate with Ostendo Operations (ERP).

Any application which can make http or https calls can integrate with Ostendo Operations (ERP) via this service. We strongly recommend that for enhanced security that the Ostendo Operations API be set up with SSL for https and not http.

A unique feature of the Ostendo API service is the ability to post SQL queries to extract specific data from one or more tables. Users or applications which are authorised to perform SQL queries via the Ostendo API Service can submit valid SQL queries to one or more tables in the Ostendo Operations database.

As a security measure, only developers/applications which are defined and authorised in the Ostendo Operations database can have access to the API Service.

Customised Functionality

Ostendo has a Scripting Engine to write customised functions and modules to enhance the functionality available in Ostendo. 

  • API with SSL security to connect with any capable system
  • Scripting engine for custom solutions
  • Custom tables and modules

The following are examples of the type of customised functionality that can be added to Ostendo. These are not standard functions that come with Ostendo.

  • Data exchange with web stores to update customers, item pricing and quantities from Ostendo and receive sales orders and customer deposits into Ostendo Operations (ERP).
  • Creating alerts and reminders that can be emailed to specific staff.
  • Customised Quality Control and Quality Assurance modules and functions.
  • Customised Claims and Retention module.
  • Customised product and service configurator.
  • Data exchange between Ostendo Operations (ERP) and other systems.
  • Data warehousing to collate data from multiple sources and store it in one database for analysis.
  • Importing Jobs and Manufacturing work orders into Ostendo Operations (ERP) from CAD systems and spreadsheets.
  • Importing Supplier Catalogues from a supplier file.
  • The ability to capture requests such as service or quote requests via a web form, and then have them feed automatically into the Call Centre ticketing system within Ostendo Operations (ERP).
  • Data exchange between Ostendo Operations (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce and Dynamics 365.
  • Data exchange between Ostendo Operations (ERP) and other systems.
  • Seamless integration between different Ostendo Operations (ERP) databases.
  • Provide the ability to automatically feed information into Ostendo Operations (ERP) from external sources such as data capture devices and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors for smart manufacturing, smart service and smart logistics.
  • Email Forms (requires Ostendo Queue Services) to email a predefined spreadsheet on request remotely for entry of data in the field to be input into Ostendo Operations (ERP) when the completed spreadsheet is emailed back to Ostendo.
  • The ability for your customers to access copies of documents such as invoices, quotes or delivery notes from a web page.