Ostendo Affordable Cloud Solution

Ostendo Operations is an Affordable ERP System that will soon be able to run directly from the Cloud.

Ostendo Affordable Cloud Solution

Cloud or Server Options

Ostendo Operations ERP will soon be able to be run directly on the cloud. Currently, it can only be installed on an on-premise server or cloud terminal services system.

The cloud option of Ostendo will enable the Ostendo database to be hosted in the cloud without the need for a cloud server or Terminal Services. You could still have Ostendo installed on your server but remote users could login directly over the internet without the need for Terminal Services.

The cloud option will not be web-based and users will connect directly to the database over the internet with https security from the Ostendo application installed on their computer.

The current client-server option will still be available to enable you to install Ostendo on an on-premise server network or on a cloud server using terminal services.

Ostendo Operations ERP runs on the Firebird SQL relational database management system that is industry strength and can scale to 100 users or more.

Linked documents will be able to be stored in the cloud on either One Drive or Google Drive. Both the cloud and server options for Ostendo enable you to backup your database as well as use a copy of your data for testing purposes.

Low Cost of Ownership

Ostendo is not an SaaS (software as a service) application and therefore the licences are not an ongoing subscription but a one-off purchase. The only ongoing cost is an annual licence renewal fee for upgrades.

The total cost of ownership for Ostendo is significantly lower than a web-based SaaS ERP system and much more affordable for small to large businesses.

Payback on Investment

Ostendo has the best value of functionality for price of any ERP system available. It will pay for itself many times over if implemented correctly and used properly with good business processes.

Ostendo runs on modern technology and features an Enterprise Mobility App for remote data collection, compliance and information. Ostendo is versatile and has been designed with the functionality to meet a wide variety of business requirements in one system.

Ostendo is an affordable cloud solution to meet requirements for working online remotely.