Business Intelligence Development

We provide Business Intelligence solutions to empower you with the information and visibility you need to improve your business performance.

Ibis business intelligence systems

Customised Business Intelligence

We can customise a Business Intelligence solution to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions can access data from almost any system. The ability to access data from multiple systems can provide you with an integrated view of your whole business even if you use a number of unconnected systems. 

Ostendo Operations (ERP) Business Intelligence

Ostendo Operations (ERP) is a centralised integrated database that provides one consistent 'Source of Truth' from accurate real time data.

Ostendo Operations (ERP) has business intelligence tools to empower staff to timely better decisions and enable management to get a comprehensive view of business operations at any time. Mobile business intelligence from Ostendo Operations (ERP) is provided by the Ostendo Freeway mobility app that can display real time KPI data in graphs, scorecards and detailed inquiry reports. 

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Microsoft Power BI®

Power BI® is an affordable business intelligence system from Microsoft® that is a suite of analytics tools that deliver visual insights throughout your organisation. It can connect to Ostendo Operations (ERP) and multiple data sources to create KPI graphs, dashboards and reports.

* Microsoft Power BI is a trademark of Microsoft Inc registered in the US and other countries.

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Microsoft Excel® for Business Intelligence

Microsoft Excel® is regarded as the most commonly used Business Intelligence tool. While our objective is to move away from disparate spreadsheets and move to Ostendo Operations (ERP) system as a single source of truth, spreadsheets can be can be utilised to great effect for reporting.

* Microsoft Excel is a trademark of Microsoft Inc registered in the US and other countries.

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Data Warehousing

We can collate data from multiple systems and store it in one Data Warehouse for analysis. Data can be collected from your Ostendo Operations (ERP) system, your CRM system, Knowledge Databases, spreadsheets and Legacy Systems etc and collated to suit your business intelligence requirements.

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