Ecommerce Web Store & Ostendo ERP

E-Commerce Web Store Synchronised with Ostendo Operations (ERP).

Kook E-Commerce Webstore for Ostendo

E-Commerce Web Store Synchronised With Ostendo

We can offer a complete B2B or B2C Web Store solution to automatically synchronise your product and sales data with Ostendo Operations (ERP).

We work with your web developer to synchronise Ostendo Operations (ERP) with a new web store or with your existing web store.

Benefits of Synchronising an E-Commerce Web Store with Ostendo

Because of Covid-19, online ordering has rapidly become the new normal, but an E-Commerce web store is not enough on its own.

Efficient processes and systems for managing orders, deliveries and inventory is critical to backup E-Commerce sales and marketing with excellent customer service.

Ostendo Operations (ERP) can be synchronised with e-commerce web stores to help you streamline your delivery and warehouse management processes. The Ostendo Freeway mobility app provides efficient barcode scanning for picking orders and making contactless deliveries. Ostendo Operations (ERP) can link with courier and freight companies to expedite the delivery process.

The Ostendo Freeway app can also be used for receipting incoming goods and managing your warehouse. In fact, Ostendo Operations (ERP) can help you manage your ordering and procurement to help you ensure you have the right levels of inventory to meet sales demand without overstocking.

E-Commerce Web Store Synchronisation with Ostendo

With a web store solution you only need enter your product details into Ostendo Operations (ERP) and they will be available to sell online from your web store. Customer details in Ostendo Operations (ERP) also synchronise with your web Store.

Cash sale customers place orders at recommended retail pricing (RRP). Account customers login to place orders at their specific pricing rates. When orders are placed online they are imported into Ostendo Operations (ERP) as a sales order with no data entry required. Once orders are received you follow your normal processes for confirming, picking and dispatching them from within Ostendo Operations (ERP).

Web Store Functionality

Your choice of web store system is critical. The more functional a web store system is the more it can be customised to meet specific requirements so you can take advantage of the rich functionality available in Ostendo Operations (ERP).

  • Mobile responsive
  • Cash sale retail orders
  • Secure login for on account customers
  • User permissions
  • Account only visible pages
  • Optional minimum order policy
  • Access to previous orders placed on the web
  • Quick order templates based on previous Ostendo sales data
  • Custom product configuration that synchronises with Ostendo Operations (ERP) to create an order with a custom product bill of materials for manufacturing
  • Consignment/freight tracking email automation
  • Payment terms for on account customer
  • Backorders
  • Order payments by credit card, Paypal etc
  • Blogs and newsletters
  • Media and video

Customer Details Synchronised from Ostendo Operations (ERP)

  • Full customer details including membership number and multiple delivery addresses
  • New customers can be added to Ostendo Operations (ERP), or they can apply for access via the website and be approved in Ostendo Operations (ERP)
  • Customisable order templates
  • Customer pricing and discounts including quantity breaks and foreign currency prices
  • Promotional pricing
  • Customer account balances and statement and invoices available online
  • Credit control policy
  • Stop credit enforcement
  • B2B customers can log in and see products and their prices based on Ostendo Operations (ERP) data and pricing policies.
  • Pre-cart function where customers can add several variations of the same product to the cart at one time (such as quantities of each colour) to minimise the amount of clicks required.
  • Two phase orders. Customers can complete their order without payment, then the company can update details such as freight. After that the customer can login and complete their order with the updated details. Ideal for where any detail regarding the overall cost of the order needs to be manually confirmed by the company.

Product Details Synchronised from Ostendo Operations (ERP)

  • Specify which products to synchronise to the web store
  • Full product details including multiple units of measure
  • On hand or available to deliver inventory quantity
  • Showcased products
  • Product heirarchy up to five levels
  • Products can be in multiple heirarchial groups
  • Images per product heirarchy
  • Product images
  • Product information, specifications, features
  • Link PDF documents such as brochures and MSDS sheets to products
  • Manufacturers information
  • Minimum order quantities per product
  • Add on sales
  • Superceded product redirection
  • Product features and option

Sales Orders & Payments Synchronised to Ostendo Operations (ERP)

  • Easily identify sales orders received from the web store
  • Alerts for new sales orders from the web store
  • Payment received are recorded against the order and the customer
  • Delivery instructions

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