Business Intelligence Solutions

Our Business Intelligence Solutions can empower you with the visibility and information to improve your business performance.

Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions

Value of Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is about extracting and transforming data held by systems and databases into clear, useful information for making faster and better business decisions.

Business Intelligence systems make this information readily available to the people who need to use it and to make decisions.

To succeed in the competitive and constantly changing marketplace of today, visibility of information is becoming more important than ever for making timely decisions, responding to changing conditions and maintaining competitive advantage. To be able to improve business processes, measure progress and make well-informed decisions, businesses need the ability to easily access and analyse the right information quickly without having to sift through vast amounts of data.

Business performance is ultimately improved by measuring and analysing key performance indicators in order to manage the internal business processes that drive those indicators for the purpose of improving efficiency and achieving business objectives.

You can only manage effectively what you measure and it is important to measure the business metrics that matter. This is more than just knowing what happened but being able to compare your business performance against your internal targets and against industry benchmarks. Once you know what has happened, you then need to analyse why it happened. Only then can you take action to either perpetuate good performance or correct poor performance.

Our Business Intelligence Solutions

Our Business Intelligence systems can empower you to improve your business performance by providing the visibility for you to measure, analyse, and manage financial and operational performance at all levels. They enable you to manage by exception, by providing early visibility of good or bad performance in your operations which gives you the opportunity to take appropriate action.

We can customise a Business Intelligence solution to meet your specific requirements. Our solutions can access data from almost any system. The ability to access data from multiple systems can provide you with an integrated view of your whole business even if you use a number of unconnected software systems. 

We can extract data from multiple systems, transform it and load it into one Data Warehouse for analysis. Data can be extracted from your ERP system, CRM system, Knowledge Database, spreadsheets or Legacy Systems and collated to suit your requirements.

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