Online Ordering & Contactless Delivery

Ostendo Operations (ERP) can be a solution for online ordering and contactless delivery or pickup.

Ostendo ERP for Online Ordering and Contactless Delivery

One of the many changes to business from Covid-19 is the increased demand for online ordering and contactless delivery. 

The lockdown restrictions from Covid-19 have been lifted but the demand for online ordering and contactless delivery remain popular because of the convenience.

Online Ordering Synchronised with Ostendo

We can offer a complete B2B or B2C Web Store solution to automatically synchronise your product and sales data with Ostendo Operations (ERP).

Payment should be made online to conform to contactless delivery or pickup protocols.

It is critical that contactless delivery or pickup instructions and messages are prominent to the customer while shopping online and at the checkout to clearly communicate how a safe delivery or pickup will be made. This reassures customers and allays concerns and builds trust.

Specific delivery instructions can be given by the customer which will flow seamlessly though to the delivery.

Some items are restricted and require validation of identity or age. This should be confirmed digitally as this can no longer be physically confirmed at the time of delivery.

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Ostendo Freeway B2B App

Ostendo Freeway mobility enables you to provide a B2B app to your customers by which they can send orders directly to Ostendo for despatch. This is for on account customers only as payments cannot be received through the B2B app.

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Ostendo for Sales Picking and Despatching

Efficient processes and systems for managing orders, deliveries and inventory is critical to backup E-Commerce sales and marketing with excellent customer service. Ostendo provides automation to the delivery logistics flow replacing manual processes with digital processes, thus reducing the need for contact between people.

Ostendo Operations (ERP) can help you streamline your delivery and warehouse management processes to improve on time delivery. Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP) enables you to plan deliveries based on required date, available inventory, order priority, delivery zones and other factors.

The Ostendo Freeway mobility app provides efficient barcode scanning for picking orders in a contactless environment including the handover from picking to despatch. Ostendo can automatically email delivery advice to the customer.

Ostendo Operations (ERP) can link with courier and freight companies to expedite the delivery process and enable customers to track the delivery through their system. 

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Contactless Pickup

If the customer is picking up goods, the goods should be placed in a secure location for the customer to collect after contacting you that they have arrived. Delivery Notes and invoices can be emailed from Ostendo.

Contactless Delivery

The Ostendo Freeway mobility app enables you to provide a contactless delivery service using your own drivers or contract drivers. Drivers can be required to sign off that they accept and will follow your processes for contactless deliveries. 

Deliveries can be assigned to drivers through the app and you can track their location on a Google map. Ostendo enables contract drivers to be paid per delivery by service zone.

The Ostendo Freeway mobility app provides drivers with directions through Google maps and the ability to contact the customer by phone or text to confirm someone can collect the delivery. Proof of delivery can be obtained by taking a photo of the goods as well as an electronic signature. Sometimes deliveries can be dropped off at the the customer’s premises after their consent to allow deliveries to be left in a safe place without being signed for. 

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