B2B Sales & Service

B2B Sales and Service

Ostendo Freeway B2B Sales and Service

Specific Functions

  • The B2B app offers your customers their own customer portal from their tablet or mobile phone instead of logging into a website. It is ideal for your customers who need to order products and services out in the field or on the shop floor.
  • Customers can create Sales Orders specifying items to be ordered with notes as applicable
  • Customers can create create service requests for specific assets
  • Customers can create Jobs specifying required work with notes
  • Customers can run real time Inquiries customised to your requirements
    • Account information eg, by period and total balance
    • Outstanding invoices and details
    • Product purchases
    • Stock inquiries
  • Customers have full password control
  • You have full control of security and customer access
  • User-defined background and button styles. Options include branding and logo in the background and user-defined buttons.