Online Meetings & Collaboration

We use Microsoft Teams to host online meetings and for online collaboration because it is highly functional and simple to use.

Ibis Teams Meetings

Online Meetings with Teams

We use Microsoft Teams for online meetings because it is highly functional, simple to use and readily available. Microsoft Teams is included in Office 365 plans for business so you may already have a Teams account, but you don't need to use Teams or have a Teams account to join our Teams meeting.

You will receive an email from us to all participants with a link to the Teams meeting. All you need to do to join the meeting is click on the link. If you have not used Teams before you may have to give permission for Teams to use your camera and microphone.

You can join on any device whether it be a Windows or Apple Mac computer, or a tablet or mobile running Apple iOS or Android.

Click here  for more information about Teams online meetings.

You Don't Need to Use Teams to Join a Teams Meeting

You can join a Teams meeting if you don't have a Teams account or don't use Teams. 
On a computer click on the link which will open a web page. You have the option of joining on the web or downloading the Windows Teams App. All you have to do is click Join. You may have to give permission for Teams to use your camera and microphone.
On a mobile device, you will need to download the Teams app. After clicking on the link in the email you can join the meeting by selecting Join as a Guest.
Click here  for more information on joining a Teams meeting without having a Teams account.

Get Teams for Free

Teams is a powerful tool for online collaboration. If you don't have a Teams account you can get one free from Microsoft. You will need a Microsoft Account for this which you can setup for free.

Click here  for information on getting a free Teams account.