Continuous Improvement

We can provide you with simple systems and services to implement Continuous Improvement to improve your business performance.

Ibis Continuous Improvement Services

Continuous Improvement is a culture and way of thinking that constantly strives to improve business performance by continuously and systematically seeking to identify opportunities for streamlining processes to increase efficiency and reduce waste. 
Making the effort to constantly improve processes, products, and services is the most effective way in which any business can reduce operating overhead and increase productivity. Without improving business processes, the same problems will keep perpetuating no matter which system you have. One well known definition of insanity is "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

Experienced Team

Our team of consultants are highly experienced in operational and financials processes to help you implement Continuous Improvement projects in your business processes. 
Their industry knowledge comes from practical experience over many years obtained from their work in manufacturing, distribution, contracting and construction businesses or accounting practices. 
We are not Lean consultants but we follow Lean thinking and principles in our Continuous Improvement services. Three of our consultants have extensive experience in Lean and have held leadership roles in the implementation of Lean in the companies they were managers for.

Systems that Support Continuous Improvement

We can help you implement Continuous Improvement and provide you with a simple system in Ostendo with a mobility option to help you implement Continuous Improvement in your business. Staff can submit suggestions for improvement from their work station which can be reviewed and actioned within Ostendo. These can follow a set process to accept and implement.

An integrated ERP system can help you improve your business processes and give you the visibility you need to improve your business performance. However ERP is not a magic bullet that will automatically solve your problems.

We approach the implementation of our ERP systems as a business process improvement project for your current business processes. Current processes are modified or replaced with improved processes based on the opportunities presented by the systems and new requirements made possible by it. 

Measuring Business Process Improvement

Our business intelligence systems support Continuous Improvement by providing the means to manage business processes and analyse key metrics for measuring process improvement, or the need for improvement.
Business performance is ultimately improved by measuring and analysing key performance indicators in order to manage the internal business processes that drive those indicators for the purpose of improving efficiency and achieving business objectives.
To be able to improve business processes, measure progress and make well-informed decisions, businesses need the ability to easily access and analyse the right information quickly. Our systems capture the data you need to measure and transform it into useful information and insights which empowers you to act on it.


Continuous Improvement