Ostendo Freeway App

Ostendo Freeway is a mobility solutions platform which can be used to run multiple solutions for a variety of business requirements.

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Ostendo Freeway Mobility App

What is the Ostendo Freeway App?

Ostendo Freeway is a mobility platform for recording data or sharing knowledge. Ostendo Freeway has the functionality to provide mobility solutions to almost any business or organisation.

Ostendo Freeway Enterprise Mobility

Ostendo Freeway provides Enterprise Mobility across all areas of the business when integrated with the Ostendo Operations (ERP) system. This is when the full extent of the functionality in Ostendo Freeway is able to be utilised.

Click here  for more information about Ostendo Freeway as an Enterprise Mobility system

Operating System

Ostendo Freeway is a native Android and Apple iOS application designed to run on smart phones and tablets. The screens are designed to scale automatically from smart phones to tablets.

Can Operate Outside of Network Coverage

For many applications, Ostendo Freeway can be used outside of network coverage and you can synchronise data when back in coverage. The exception to this is any warehouse management and manufacturing shop floor data collection functions, such as transfers, stock counts, order picking, receipts etc, as these update inventory realtime and therefore require an active connection to work.

Ostendo Freeway is a true native application that runs on a smart device with its own relational database. It doesn't just cache data like most other mobility apps that run on an internet connection. Because Ostendo runs on a smart device with its own relational database, its speed and performance is not affected if the speed and quality of internet coverage is low.

Fast and Simple setup

The primary objective of Ostendo Freeway is to enable fast set up and deployment of customised mobile solutions that can improve your business performance.

Ostendo Freeway is not hardcoded or forms based as with most other mobility apps on the market. It is designed to be solution driven, enabling you to setup your own user definable solutions within the system. No programming skills are required.

The Ostendo Freeway app needs to be linked to your Ostendo database through the Ostendo API before it can be used. Each user can then log in to the Ostendo Freeway app and see the solutions they have been given access to with the permissions granted to them. 

Define Your Own Solution

Our consultants will work with you to create your own user definable solution that can be made up of any combination of objects, such as timesheets, material lists, notes, check lists, images, signatures, sketches and much more.

We can create any number of solutions for specific types of work, applications, clients or employees to record data, meet compliance requirements, publish Guides for instructions or procedures, distribute product catalogues and much more. We can define what data is to be displayed and/or collected, what is mandatory and what is not.

Easy to Use

Ostendo Freeway is intuitive and easy to use. The flow of work and simplicity of use is controlled by how the solution is designed.

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