XL800 Visual Productivity Monitoring

Data from the XL800 Visual Productivity Monitoring device can be captured into Ostendo Operations (ERP) to support Lean and drive Continuous Improvement.

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Data Exchange Between Ostendo and XL800 Visual Monitoring

Having a highly visual workplace is a critical part of lean and continuous improvement. In a lean and visual workplace, the team and each individual team member must be able to see and understand information at a glance.

Understanding data, including Downtime Losses, Changeovers, Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and more in real-time provides the greatest opportunity to improve productivity, quality and delivery and ultimately reduce costs. 

The XL800 Visual Productivity Monitoring device is available from Workflow who are a leading supplier of visual, real time productivity devices in Australia and New Zealand. We work with Workflow to automate the capture of relevant data into Ostendo Operations (ERP) for reporting and analysis to improve productivity, quality, on time delivery and ultimately reduce costs.

About the XL800 Visual Productivity Monitoring Device

XL800 is a bolt-on smart device to monitor your constraint machine to provide you with plant wide, real-time data for a true visual factory, along with web based historical reports to enable continuous improvement decisions.

The XL800's visual factory floor LED displays communicate real-time data to the Team operating the process, and act as ANDON displays, providing Management with visibility to all live and historical data and reports via a web interface.

Workflow specialise in cutting edge, automated machine and line monitoring systems that accurately monitor, measure, track and visualise machine and production performance.

Features of the XL800 Visual Productivity Monitoring device include;

  • Accurate downtime data.
  • Real time results on factory display motivates the team.
  • Real time and historical results on web interface.
  • Instant production reports.
  • Export data to Excel, Word or csv.
  • Self deployed in hours.
  • Simple and easy to install and use.
  • No software to install.
  • 100 + metrics for real time line monitoring.
  • 2-3 clicks to see live and historical information.
  • View all data via web browser anywhere in the factory or the world.
  • Build custom simple KPI web pages to see specific information.

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