System & Database

System and Database

Ostendo Operations Firebird SQL Database

Ostendo Operations System

  • Import and export data
  • SQL Query writer with saved queries
  • User security with user groups
  • Standard and user defined shortcut keys
  • User defined speed order entry tab routines
  • Filter, sort, search and group any screen
  • Multi select and drag and drop items into orders
  • Full scripting engine
  • API to link to external systems with SSL security

Firebird SQL Database

  • Firebird is an open source SQL relational database management system
  • Industry strength database that scales to 100 users

System Upgrades

  • Updates relating to the database, eg triggers, stored procedures etc, are provided by Development-X through automatic updates online. This enables the roll out of new functions and patches more frequently and reduces the need for major upgrades.
  • Major upgrades relating to the executable file and database are provided by Development-X from time to time.
  • A new Announcements feature enables clients to be notified about new enhancements.