Microsoft Excel BI

Excel® Spreadsheet for Business Intelligence

Excel for BI

Microsoft Excel® is regarded as the most commonly used Business Intelligence tool in the world.


Excel® is one of those applications that the business world cannot live without, with a few hundred million users around the world. Countless businesses run some part of their reporting, analytics or planning systems using Excel® spreadsheets.


While our objective is to move away from disparate spreadsheets and move to an ERP system as a single source of truth, spreadsheets can be utilised to great effect for reporting. Excel® can make impressive charts and graphs and users can even perform “surface-layer calculations” using it's vast functionality.


We can help you use Excel® to connect to your Ostendo Operations (ERP) database for business intelligence and analytics.


Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Excel are trademarks of Microsoft Inc registered in the US and other countries


Ostendo Operations Excel Spreadsheet BI


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