Ibis Online Support Centre

Our objective in providing support is to build your knowledge rather than simply resolve queries.

Ibis Business Intelligence Solutions Support Centre

Online Support Centre

We provide support for Ostendo Operations (ERP) and Ostendo Freeway throughout Australia and New Zealand through our Support Centre which includes an online Knowledgebase, online Support Tickets and a toll free Support Line.

Our support team is based throughout Australia and New Zealand, so our Online Support Centre ensures that your support query is logged in our system for the first available consultant to respond to you by phone or email, irrespective of where they are located.

Self Help Knowledgebase

Because our objective in providing support is to build your knowledge rather than simply resolve queries, we provide Self Help Resources in our Online Support Centre. You can find many answers in our Knowledgebase and in your past Support Tickets to see how they were resolved.

Our online Support Centre Knowledgebase enables you to obtain support immediately for many types of queries immediately without having to speak to a human. Our Knowledgebase is being continually added to and updated.

Support Tickets

We use an online Support Ticketing system to ensure better tracking of and responses to your queries. Support Tickets and resolutions can be communicated and defined more effectively this way. Support Tickets, including their resolution, are on record for future reference as a Self Help Resource.

You can submit your query by email which will log a Support Ticket in our online Support Centre. Our support team are immediately notified of your support ticket by email and will respond as soon as possible. We will often phone you to work through your support query with you online via TeamViewer.

You can track the status of your current support tickets or search for previous tickets online by logging in to our Support Centre.

Toll Free Support Line

We have a toll free support line that you can phone for support but you should submit a Support Ticket to our Support Centre before you call so we can track and respond to your query efficiently. The support team may not always be available to take calls but your voicemail will be automatically emailed to them.

Support Centre Registration

Ibis Support is available to registered clients who have a support agreement with us. If you are interested in registering for Ibis Support, please contact us for details using the Quick Enquiry on this page

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