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Ibis and Coronavirus Covid-19: How will it affect our service to you

The world seems to have tilted on its axis in the past weeks – and no-one knows how long this crisis will go on for. Our online services and support to you are uninterrupted.

Onsite Visits and Face-to-Face Meetings:

The health and safety of our clients and our consultants is paramount. In line with government recommendations, we will provide all support and services with you online with no onsite visits or face-to-face meetings until further notice.

We already make extensive use of mobile and cloud technologies and are well equipped to support you online. Our team work from home offices and are geographically dispersed throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Business as Usual Online:

Please continue to contact us on the same phone numbers as they are not bound to a physical office. We use a cloud based VOIP PBX phone system that centralises our communication no matter where our team are located. See our Contact Details for Australia. See our Contact Details for New Zealand.

Please also continue to use our Online Support Centre for support queries and self help resources, including our FAQ Knowledgebase.

Do you need help for you and/or your staff to work remotely?

We can provide Online Support Apps that you can use free of charge. We can also advise you on how to work remotely and connect to your Ostendo system over the internet. Secure remote access can be setup to your existing on-premise server without being costly.

Very soon Ostendo will have the option to be run directly from the cloud without the need for a cloud server or terminal services.

This situation may present an opportunity to improve your systems and processes to reduce costs and improve efficiencies. I am happy to discuss how we can assist as there are often simple improvements that can be made with little effort or cost.

One of the comforts in these uncertain times is that we are all going through this together. I wish you and yours every success – both in business and in health.

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