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Ostendo will soon have the option to be a cloud-based system

We are excited to announce that very soon Ostendo will have the option to run directly on the cloud without the need for a cloud server or terminal services.

Ostendo's new cloud option gives you the flexibility to run Ostendo in a way that suits your business, especially with the increased demand for working online remotely as a result of Covid-19.

The cloud option for Ostendo will enable the Ostendo database to be hosted in the cloud. Users will connect directly to the database over the internet with https security from the Ostendo application installed on their computer.. We will be offering a service to host your Ostendo database in the cloud.

Linked documents will be able to be stored in the cloud on One Drive or Google Drive. You will still be able to backup your database as well as use a copy of your database for testing purposes.

While Ostendo can be a cloud system, it is not a web-based SaaS (software as a service) application and therefore there is no ongoing subscription. Because Ostendo licences are a one-off purchase, the total cost of ownership for Ostendo is significantly lower than a web-based SaaS ERP system.

Ostendo has the best value for price and functionality of any ERP system available. It amongst the most affordable and capable ERP systems available for small to large businesses.

Ostendo runs on modern technology and features an Enterprise Mobility app for remote data collection, compliance and information. Ostendo is extremely versatile and has been designed with the functionality to meet a wide variety of business requirements in one integrated system.

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